Matt Donahoe
does silly things
acts like a fool
has a keen eye for the obvious
works for Skydio
drones on
befriends wildlife
nerds out with numbers
hashes out a blog

developed at Pocket Gems
attended MIT
ran for a thesis
wired up a musical bottle
built an instant upload photo frame
created a chicken-inspired camera
solved over 100 Project Euler problems
released a gesture-based drawing app
fabricated a chatbot
snowbladed all over the Northeast
waterskied on Sebago Lake
did some things at Olin College
spoke at graduation
won a programming contest
constructed a mechanical calculator
simulated a flexible robot wheel
intuited a positioning algorithm
wrote a simple cell membrane model
designed a 3D input device
coded a wave simulator
balanced an inverted pendulum
got kicked off a plane

Last Updated 2023.07.19 by matt